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                                     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Retailer Questions:

Q - Will I have to change or update the software or till system I am using?

A - No, the 'Eazy Receipt' device does not affect any current hardware or software at all.

Q - How do the do the costs work?

A - There is just a one off cost to the retailer. This is the initial cost of the device. There is a 12 month swap out guarantee on the device and necessary components.

Q - Is my EPOS compatible

A - Yes, all till systems are compatible as the device captures universal till data.


Q - How do I get the receipts on my phone?

A - Download the mobile app on an iPhone or Android. Simply activate the NFC on the app and tap the device in store. If the store does not have the device, click the 'camera' icon in the top right corner, take a picture of your receipt and crop it to size and then flick the picture left or right (business or personal)

Q - How much does it cost

A - Its free!



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EAZY RECEIPT is a next generation technology company that is helping retail enterprises reimagine the way consumers spend for the digital age. Our R & D process pulls on decades of industry experience to enable the continual development around consumer spending and process management. Our focused target is to reduce the amount of hard copy receipts circulated on a daily basis in the UK and then Europe. In the UK alone, 11 billion receipts are printed each year in which the manufacturing process to create the receipts uses 18bn litres of water, 22million barrels of oil as well as consumes 25 billion trees. Thermal receipts are also coated in a proven carcinogenic compound currently called Bisphenol A (BPA). Due to the increase in consumerism over the last decade, in 2018 thermal paper has increased its prices globally by 10 – 15%, this is due to the increase in demand where pulp production has struggled to keep up.


EAZY RECEIPT sees that the step change technology would be ineffective to role out a solely digitalised receipting process, therefore has patent pending technology that can be retrospectively fitted to legacy EPOS systems that directs receipt data in a way that either allows the data through to the legacy rpinter or diverts its route to an NFC transmitter that allows the receipt capture to a dedicated mobile device application. EAZY RECEIPT has mutually beneficial principle properties to the Retailer, Consumer and the Environment.



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